Migration from the Legacy App (2023 GameFi Version)

The migration plan is targeted for registered users and NFT holders of the Socrates GameFi App launched in 2023.

We truly appreciate your unwavering support and trust in the Socrates platform. Since the creation of Socrates, we have been committed to providing innovative, fair, and engaging digital asset experiences. Through continuous development and iteration, we have maintained high standards for product quality and user experience.

Recently, based on in-depth analysis of the market environment, community feedback, and our development plans, we have decided to undertake a major upgrade of our products and brand, involving a series of changes and optimisations to existing issued assets and gameplay. We're fairly confident that these changes will improve the user experience, make the product more competitive, and enable Socrates to better adapt to industry trends, ultimately attracting more users to engage critically on the Socrates platform.


  • The Socrates platform will undergo a comprehensive brand upgrade and product adjustments. We are expected to unveil the new brand and platform in June.

  • The existing Socrates platform will officially terminate its services and be removed from App stores at 0:00, 30 April, 2024, UTC.

  • Regarding the points earned within the Socrates App, they can be redeemed at a ratio of 1:1 for USDT before the service is terminated. Points will no longer be supported for redemption after the service is terminated.

  • Users holding assets such as SOC tokens, Pioneer Pens, and Genesis Pens in the Socrates wallet are advised to back up and store your private keys and seed phrases in a secure place. After the service is terminated, the product will no longer support the export of private keys and seed phrases.

Implementation Plan for Adjustments to Issued NFT Assets

Regarding the issued NFT assets, we are formulating an NFT asset scheme that better aligns with the AI&Web 3 era and the interests of all platform users. Please stay tuned for our latest updates.

Follow-Up Measures

  • User support: To assist users in smoothly transitioning to the new gameplay, we will announce specific measures and provide support later, involving instructional documents, AMAs, and more.

  • Feedback collection: We highly value the voices of our community and welcome everyone to provide valuable feedback and suggestions through [feedback channels, such as community forums and official email [email protected]] during this period.

Changes have always been accompanied by challenges. We firmly believe that these changes will bring long-term benefits to the Socrates platform and all our community users who believe in us, enabling us to provide better services and experiences. We look forward to embarking on this journey of changes together with you to create a better future. Once again, we thank you for your understanding, support, and companionship. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the aforementioned changes will officially take effect from the date of this announcement. We kindly ask all users to take note of the relevant timeframes and to follow the official Socrates Twitter accounts in both English and Chinese: @Socrates_global and @Socrates_CN, as well as the community channels for future announcements. Please manage your personal assets accordingly in a timely manner.

*面向2023年苏格拉底 GameFi App 注册用户和NFT持有人的迁移计划

首先,我们衷心感谢每一位用户对 Socrates(苏格拉底)平台的支持与信任。自平台启动之初,我们一直致力于提供创新、公平且富有趣味的数字资产体验。在不断的发展与迭代中,我们始终保持着对产品质量和用户体验的高标准。



  • Socrates(苏格拉底)平台正在进行全面品牌升级和产品调整,预计于6月上线全新的品牌与平台产品;

  • 现有Socrates(苏格拉底)产品将会将于2024å¹´4月30日 0:00 UTC 正式终止服务并下架;

  • 目前,在Socrates(苏格拉底)产品钱包内持有苏格拉底积分的用户可在产品正式停止服务前按照1:1 的比例将积分兑换为USDT,停服之后将无法兑换;

  • 在Socrates(苏格拉底)产品钱包内持有SOC、先锋笔和创世笔等资产的用户请妥善备份并保管好私钥和助记词,停服之后产品将不再支持导出私钥和助记词。




  • 用户支持:为了帮助用户顺利过渡到新的玩法,我们将陆续在适当时间点公布与提供 [具体措施如:指导文档、AMA等]。

  • 反馈收集:我们高度重视社区的声音,欢迎大家期间也通过 [反馈渠道,如社区论坛、电子邮件等] 提出宝贵的意见和建议。反馈官方邮箱:[email protected]


所有上述变更将从公告发布日起正式生效,请所有用户注意相应的时间节点,并关注Socrates(苏格拉底)推特的中英文官方账号:@Socrates_global 和 @Socrates_CN 以及社区获取公告信息。请在公告时间范围内及时做好个人资产处理与保管规划。

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