Our Community Guidelines


Socrates offers the ability to express your thoughts creatively - encourage freedom of speech with a focus on building a community of honesty, sharing information and their point of view. We would like to remind our users that all the discussion and content on our platform should be created in a respectul and polite manner. Therefore:

  • Post meaningful discussion points

  • Keep it polite

  • Be respectful

Account Integrity & Authentic Identity

  • This policy aims to create a safe environment where people can trust and hold one another accountable. Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. It helps create a community where people are accountable to each other, and to us, in meaningful ways. We want to allow for the range of diverse ways that identity is expressed across our global community, while also preventing impersonation and identity misrepresentation.

  • We would disable your account or even freeze your rewards and prizes if you:

    1. Create or use an account by scripted or bots or automatic tools, or any other inauthentic means.

    2. Coordinate as part of a network of accounts or other entities in order to violate or evade our Community Standards.

    3. Create or use an account that deliberately misrepresents their identity in order to mislead or deceive our company or others, or to evade enforcement or violate our other Community Standards.

    4. Creating a single account that represents or is used by more than one person.

    5. Maintaining multiple accounts as a single user.

Bullying & harassment

Be respectful on the platform to your fellow community members. We welcome open discussion and different viewpoints, but we have a zero tolerance approach for bullying or harassment.

Hate speech

There is no place within the Socrates family for hate speech and any promotion of hate speech. Discussions about the topics and groups are welcomed, but any idealisation or promotion of their beliefs will see your content removed.

Terrorism, hate groups & mass murder

We want to encourage free speech and the discussion of political activities, but do not use the platform to promote any dangerous organisations, individuals related to terrorism, hate groups or mass murderers.


Schemes to take users off the platform in exchange for something will not be tolerated. Discussions on MLM are welcome but are not to be promoted.

Doxxing, platform security, personal information

Keep it simple when discussing public figures, and do not post personally identifiable information to keep users safe, such as home addresses, passport numbers, and similar PII.

You must be 18 to use Socrates. If our safety team feels that you do not meet that age limit, you might be asked to provide proof of age through a trusted, verifiable platform. Besides, any content related to child abuse, minor pornography is prohibited.

Adult sexual activity & nudity

R18 pornographic images will be removed and could lead to your account being banned. Content that is artistic, such as statues, is allowed. Content discussing breastfeeding and medical procedures is also allowed.

Adult sexual solicitation

Users should not use our platform to share or ask for pornographic materials, or post content to solicit sex or prostitution services.

Graphic violence

Users should not share bloody or violent imagery which may cause discomfort to others. Condemnation of such activities is welcomed in discussion, but please do not post images or links to the content.


Do not share content which may threaten the security, stability and usability of our services. We do not allow content designed to deceive, or that attempts to mislead users, to increase viewership.

Sexual explotitation

Do not share any sexual violence content such as rape, revenge porn or creepshot. Promotion or coordination of sexual violence, sexual assault or sexual exploitation are also not allowed.

Suicide & self-harm

We allow people to make use of this platform to discuss and raise awareness or share experiences about this topic. But we do not allow people to intentionally or unintentionally celebrate or promote suicide or self-harm.

Violence & incitement

We do understand people commonly express disdain or disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in non-serious ways. However, any language that incites or facilitates serious violence which may lead to death or serious injury are not allowed. Discussion, criticism or debate around violence are welcomed.

Human exploitation

We do allow content which condemns or raises awareness about human trafficking or smuggling issues, or that asks for or shares information about personal safety and border crossing, seeking asylum or how to leave a country. But we prohibit users recruiting people for, facilitating or exploiting people through any forms of human trafficking (e.g. sales of children, illegal adoption, orphanage voluntourism, forced marriages, non-regenerative organ trafficking etc.)

Regulated goods

We discourage any hard selling via our platform. And, we prohibit promotion, and trade of illegal drugs and firearms on the platform to safeguard our users.

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